25 Resolutions For 2018 : New Year, New Commitment To Integrity And Self-Development

For 2018, I have made an agreement that basically only asks me to trust and agree with myself. That has been the hardest lesson to learn so here are my 25 resolutions:

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  1. Only allow people who are supportive of you into your space. People who build you up. Friends who want you to succeed, and who are rooting for you. Find your own cheerleading team.
  2. Stand up. Stand up for yourself, stand up for issues, stand up for your right to be heard.
  3. Cut off anyone you see fit. This is actually a tricky one, but it is vital and necessary for your progress. The moment you see red flags, act on them. Like Maya Angelou said: “When people show you who they are, believe them”.
  4. Uphold transparency. Why? If you’re someone who has nothing to hide, hide nothing.
  5. Love yourself. Honor yourself. Know your worth and know that every single person who comes at you in an attempt to shut down your projects, dreams, and mission in life, cannot be permitted into your world. Find alliance.
  6. Stand strong in your virtue. Your belief in good will be tested far more often than you think.
  7. Stay tough and uphold your beliefs. Do not let anyone invalidate your boundaries.
  8. Be fearless. In other words, do the right thing at times when no one else is doing it.
  9. Don't bend. Remember this, as you will be tempted to cave in.
  10. Dance to Sinatra
  11. Ice Skate in New York
  12. Throw a question at President Trump
  13. Uphold integrity. Every day.
  14. Don't let your guard down in Washington D.C.
  15. Give a lecture at Yale
  16. Stay true to who you are. Authenticity matters.
  17. Love. Truly. Wholeheartedly.
  18. Donate to causes and mentor students to get into the Ivy League
  19. Go to Sedona
  20. Lounge by the pool without checking for updates from POTUS
  21. Make the world just a little better each day
  22. Write a love poem
  23. Write a book
  24. Believe
  25. Stand up or shut up



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2018 New Year's resolutions

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