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Criminal Justice Reform

By Richard Wagner | Published 03.07.2016. | Afterimage Review

Can we finally get Criminal Justice Reform in 2017?

It's long past time for Criminal Justice Reform, says Richard Wagner At first, it was just the occasional slight towards…

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Wrongfully convicted

By Scott Benowitz | Published 26.06.2016. | Afterimage Review

We Have to Reimburse Wrongfully Convicted

As of 2016, our Federal government still has no legislation in place which would require that ALL of our state governments…

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By Krista Westerlund | Published 24.06.2016. | Afterimage Review

EUROPE is now Embarking on a Period of Greater Instability

Europe is now embarking on a period of greater instability and corresponding weakness as the EU faces negotiations and the…

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By Urszula Roman | Published 24.06.2016. | Afterimage Review

BREXIT: UK Government in Meltdown

And so it happened. In yesterday’s referendum on continued membership in the European Union majority of British public decided…

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By Phelim Rowe | Published 24.06.2016. | Afterimage Review

BREXIT: the Daze Gripping the Nation.

BREXIT: Whether you wanted to remain or to leave, I think it is fair to say that this morning, you are totally and completely…

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By The Pavlovic Today Staff | Published 22.06.2016. | Afterimage Review

Donald Trump's Speech Against Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump delivered a speech in New York on Wednesday, in which he criticized Hillary Clinton on Benghazi,  the Clinton…

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mass killings

By Richard Wagner | Published 19.06.2016. | Afterimage Review

Ending Mass Killings Is Not As Simple As Gun Control

Ending these mass killings is not as simple as gun control, or fighting radical Islam.  Richard Wagner tried to get to the…

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Photo: Stephanie Cornfield

By Scott Benowitz | Published 19.06.2016. | Afterimage Review

Elephant In The Room: America's Violent Culture

America has a serious problem with gun violence.  There is no simple, magic bullet solution. We need a comprehensive solution,…

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