Afterimage Review

civilian casualties

By Nathanael Smith | Published 15.05.2016. | Afterimage Review

The Civilian Casualties of the War on Terror

The news media have focused on a variety of things that are causing civilian casualties, from drone strikes to bombings to…

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rear license plates

By Scott Benowitz | Published 15.05.2016. | Afterimage Review

Without Two License Plates Criminals Evade Law Enforcement

All vehicles in the U.S. should display both front as well as rear license plates. Otherwise, it is one easy way that Criminals…

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By | Published 15.05.2016. | Afterimage Review

Christian Kern is the New Austrian Chancellor

Austrian Chancellor, Werner Faymann, resigns as right wing rises. The vacancy for his replacement is now wide open for Christian…

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By Matthew Graham | Published 08.05.2016. | Afterimage Review

Political Impasse in Iraq Can Allow IS to Flourish

Iraq has reached a pivotal moment in its fight against the Islamic State (IS).  After millions in U.S. military aid spent…

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By Stella Georgiadou | Published 08.05.2016. | Afterimage Review

AfD: The End Of German Exceptionalism

With the rise of the right-wing AfD, are we witnessing the end of German exceptionalism? Is Germany following the same route…

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By Krista Westerlund | Published 08.05.2016. | Afterimage Review

Eurovision :A Broader (Euro) Vision?

Despite the existential crises, Europe’s show goes on. As it does so, the Eurovision contest raises a number of questions about…

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Voter Fraud

By Scott Benowitz | Published 08.05.2016. | Afterimage Review

Dispatch Today : Voter Fraud No One Talks About

With today’s technologies, removing the names of recently deceased persons from lists of active voters would actually…

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U.K. 'Super Thursday' Elections

By Urszula Roman | Published 08.05.2016. | Afterimage Review

U.K. 'SUPER THURSDAY' ELECTIONS: Why There are No Winners?

U.K. 'SUPER THURSDAY' ELECTIONS: Brits, through their local and regional elections quite clearly said that they do not want…

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