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By | Published 24.04.2016. | Afterimage Review

Let's Talk European Debt Crisis

Making debts in annual and long-term budgets is part of politics. It always has been. However, what European debt crisis…

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By Richard Wagner | Published 24.04.2016. | Afterimage Review

How Bill Clinton Helped Wall Street Instead of Main Street

In 1993, Bill Clinton convinced working people that he was on their side, by raising the income tax rate on high income earners…

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By Stella Georgiadou | Published 24.04.2016. | Afterimage Review

What is the importance of Austrian Presidential Election?

Austrian citizens are going to the polls today to elect their new president. The race is tight and it seems that the refugee…

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By Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer | Published 20.04.2016. | Afterimage Review

Chronicles On Freedom: My Life In A Voluntary Exile

“It is we who changed. Everything else remained the same”, the Croatian waiter at Monte’s Trattoria in…

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By | Published 17.04.2016. | Afterimage Review

EuroUtopia : Are We Close to Fail?

EuroUtopia.It has been 22 years since the last western European country joined the European Union. This is a whole lifetime…

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By Scott Benowitz | Published 17.04.2016. | Afterimage Review

Felony Disenfranchisement: Should Felons Have The Right To Vote?

Felony disenfranchisement suppresses voter participation on a massive scale. Only Maine and Vermont permit felons…

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By Richard Wagner | Published 17.04.2016. | Afterimage Review

Should We Offer the White House to Another Clinton?

Let’s first review Bill Clinton’s legacy before offering the White House to another Clinton, says Richard Wagner.…

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By Stella Georgiadou | Published 10.04.2016. | Afterimage Review

EU-Turkey Refugee Deal

Stella Georgiadou takes a close look at what EU-Turkey refugee deal can tell us about the European Union’s approach to the…

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