Afterimage Review


By Scott Benowitz | Published 22.05.2016. | Afterimage Review

Border Dispute Between Canada and United States

You probably won’t find two countries anywhere in the world whose historic and well as current relations have been more peaceable…

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By | Published 17.04.2016. | Afterimage Review

EuroUtopia : Are We Close to Fail?

EuroUtopia.It has been 22 years since the last western European country joined the European Union. This is a whole lifetime…

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natural born citizen

By Scott Benowitz | Published 01.05.2016. | Afterimage Review

Let's Repeal The Natural Born Citizen Clause For U.S. President

The natural-born citizen requirement states that only people who are citizens of the United States by birth may become President.…

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In God We Trust

By Scott Benowitz | Published 10.04.2016. | Afterimage Review

In God We Trust : Why Do We Still Tolerate Our National Motto?

Way back in the summer of 1787 in Independence Hall on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, our country’s founders wrote…

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By Urszula Roman | Published 10.04.2016. | Afterimage Review

Brexit - Should We Stay or Should We Go?

On the day on which UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron announced the decision regarding the referendum on the Brexit:…

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By Stella Georgiadou | Published 10.04.2016. | Afterimage Review

EU-Turkey Refugee Deal

Stella Georgiadou takes a close look at what EU-Turkey refugee deal can tell us about the European Union’s approach to the…

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Outdated Voting Machines In The Empire State

By Scott Benowitz | Published 24.04.2016. | Afterimage Review

Outdated Voting Machines In The Empire State

When we walk into our polling stations and see voting machines which represented the absolute pinnacle of modern technology…

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By Scott Benowitz | Published 17.04.2016. | Afterimage Review

Felony Disenfranchisement: Should Felons Have The Right To Vote?

Felony disenfranchisement suppresses voter participation on a massive scale. Only Maine and Vermont permit felons…

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