Afterimage Review

By Andrew Bridgen | Published 28.06.2020. | Afterimage Review

exclusive Andrew BRIDGEN: Fiction Has To Be Believable The Truth Doesn't

In 2010 as a newly elected Member of Parliament, nothing prepared me for a constituent surgery appointment with a married…

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By Stefan Dzeparoski | Published 21.06.2020. | Afterimage Review

America Must Evolve Beyond The Binary Division

 “Art is not a mirror to society but a hammer with which to shape it,” said Bertolt Brecht. Theater director…

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Member of the UK Parliament  Andrew Bridgen and Priti Patel, Secretary of State for the Home Department

By Andrew Bridgen | Published 21.06.2020. | Afterimage Review

exclusive Desecration Of War Memorials Bill: All Politics Is Local But It Can Be National Too

Last Friday, I took Blake-Perun, my 21-month old son, for a trip in the car, something he truly loves, sitting up in his…

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By Andrew Bridgen | Published 14.06.2020. | Afterimage Review

exclusive Andrew Bridgen: When Will BBC Take Down The Portrait And Bust Of A Nazi Sympathizer Lord Reith?

Once again this week the political waves from the US hit the UK and the rest of the world, not just as fast as it could travel…

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By Andrew Bridgen | Published 07.06.2020. | Afterimage Review

exclusive POLITICS ACROSS THE POND: Andrew Bridgen Reflects On This Week In Westminster

Another week and another issue crosses the Atlantic faster than COVID-19. With the UK Parliament returning after recess,…

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By Andrew Bridgen | Published 31.05.2020. | Afterimage Review

exclusive ANDREW BRIDGEN: A week in politics is always a long time in the UK and this week it has been interminable

In case you have not noticed, the UK media and politics have been dominated all week (and it seems longer) by the battle…

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By Andrew Bridgen | Published 24.05.2020. | Afterimage Review

exclusive EXCLUSIVE—MP Andrew Bridgen: Cummings immediate future hangs in the balance

To many in the US, Dominic Cummings will be a complete unknown, but here in the UK, he is famous or infamous depending on…

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Photo: Andrew Bridgen

By Andrew Bridgen | Published 17.05.2020. | Afterimage Review

exclusive ANDREW BRIDGEN: Legacy Media Suffers A Collective Crisis Of Public Confidence

Over the last few decades, we have seen a huge increase in the ways in which the public access their news and information…

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