Coronavirus brief

Photo by Mick Haupt via Unsplash

By Hannah Walker | Published 22.06.2021. | Coronavirus Brief

Biden Shares The List Of Countries Receiving Vaccine Donations

The Biden-Harris administration announced on Monday that 55 million doses of the vaccine will be shared globally. These vaccines…

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President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the state of Covid-19 vaccinations

By Hannah Walker | Published 18.06.2021. | Coronavirus Brief

300 Million Americans Have Received Their Shot, Have You?

As of today, 300 million shots have been administered to the American public in 150 days. COVID-19 cases and deaths have…

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Photo credit:  R.M. Nunes/Adobe Stock

By Jaala Brown | Published 17.06.2021. | Coronavirus Brief

Post Pandemic Summer Of Joy In America 

On Thursday, the Covid Response Team made announcements about the progress the Biden administration is making with battling…

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G7 Summit at Newquay airport, Cornwall, UK on 13th June 2021. ©Karwai Tang/G7 Cornwall 2021

By Hannah Walker | Published 15.06.2021. | Coronavirus Brief

G7 Leaders Partner With ACT Accelerator To Donate 870 Million Vaccines

On June 13, the WHO announced that the Access to Covid-19 Accelerator (ACT) will help G7 leaders to donate 870 million vaccines…

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G7 Summit ( Photo by Meghan Hays)

By Hannah Walker | Published 10.06.2021. | Coronavirus Brief

President Biden Will Donate Half A Billion Pfizer Vaccines 

Today, President Joe Biden has announced that the United States will donate at least 80 million vaccines to 92 low-income…

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Coronavirus spread related conceptual 3D rendering ( Photo credit:  Alexey Novikov via Adobe Stock)

By Hannah Walker | Published 08.06.2021. | Coronavirus Brief

The Delta Variant Is A Covid-19 Variant Of Concern

On June 8, the White House response team discussed the severity of  Delta: a new COVID-19 variant. They also continued…

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Fauci delivers remarks during a coronavirus update briefing Tuesday, April 7, 2020 ( Photo by Tia Dufour)

By Hannah Walker | Published 08.06.2021. | Coronavirus Brief

Fauci Revelations: The EXPOSED Emails On COVID-19

We all have unanswered questions regarding the pandemic. However, we may have more after the release of Dr. Fauci’s…

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Pandemic ( Photo: melita via Adobe Stock)

By Hannah Walker | Published 07.06.2021. | Coronavirus Brief

Could Lack Of Sharing Resources Cause The Pandemic To Stay?

On June 7, the WHO said that the biggest barrier to ending the pandemic is the ability to share resources with other countries.…

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