GOOD MORNING DC: Biden's First Defeat

#GoodMorningDC. Former Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany signed on as a Fox News contributor and Jen Psaki “wish[es] her the best in her future endeavors.” 

Good Morning DC with Chief White House Correspondent  Ksenija Pavlovic Mcateer

Good Morning DC! This is the news that is making a splash this Wednesday morning, March 3, 2021.

Former Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany signed on as a Fox News contributor and Jen Psaki “wish[es] her the best in her future endeavors.” 

Biden’s push for Neera Tanden’s nomination for OMB ended up in defeat and as a result, the White House dropped her last night. 

The Biden Administration imposed sanctions on the Russian Federal Security Service, the FSB  for the attempted assassination of Mr. Navalny. The sanctions mirror similar ones set by the E.U. in October and additional ones announced on Tuesday. The U.S. may take additional measures after the conclusion of another ongoing report. 

Additional investigations against Russia regarding reports of bounties being put on the heads of US Soldiers, the alleged hacking of the 2020 election and the SolarWinds cyber attack are underway. Compared to former President Trump’s friendly relationship with Putin, President Biden seems to be taking a completely different tone

“We also reiterate our call for the Russian government to immediately and unconditionally release Mr. Navalny,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki said. 

President Biden said that the U.S will have enough doses to vaccinate all adults by the end of May, months ahead of the prior prediction of July. Last week’s FDA approval of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine along with the company’s partnership with known competitor Merck & Co. helped accelerate the already optimistic deadline. 
While many Americans are excited about the possibility of a return to normalcy, the Biden Administration is urging people to continue social distancing and masking to stop the spread of the deadly disease. 
“There is light at the end of the tunnel, but we cannot let our guard down now to ensure victory is inevitable, we can't assume that. We must remain vigilant, act fast and aggressively and look out for one another. That's how we're going to get ahead of this virus, get our economy going again and get back to our loved ones,” Biden said. 

Despite CDC recommendations and Biden’s pleas for caution, Texas governor Greg Abbott lifted the state-wide mask mandate and is allowing businesses to open to full capacity.

Trump endorsed Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. “Strong on the Military, Law Enforcement, loves our Vets, protects our Second Amendment and our Borders. Tim will continue to do an OUTSTANDING job for our country!”, Trump said in a tweet-looking announcement. 

Across the pond...
In the United Kingdom, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak is extending the furlough up till October. This means that employees will get 80% of wages after lockdown is lifted to ward off massive job losses. 

National Health Service workers in the United Kingdom could be ‘legally compelled’ to take a Covid vaccine under plans allegedly being considered by the government, Good Morning Britain reports. 

In France, former President Sarkozy got a three-year-long prison sentence. 

Today, Secretary of State Antony Blinken will deliver a speech on U.S. foreign policy at 11:00 AM EST at the Department of State.
What will FLOTUS do today?

The First Lady and Secretary Cardona will travel to his hometown of Meriden, Connecticut and to Waterford, Pennsylvania, to tour K-through-8 public schools that are open for in-person learning.

What will Biden do today?

At 9:50 AM EST Biden and Harris will receive the President’s Daily Brief.

At 1:45 PM EST Biden will hold a bipartisan meeting on cancer where Harris will also be present.                     

AT 5:00 PM EST  Biden will participate in a virtual event with the House Democratic Caucus    

At 11:00 AM  EST COVID-19 response team will hold the press briefing.  

At 12:30 PM EST Press Secretary Jen Psaki will brief the press.

Heads-up: On Thursday, March 4, 2021, Biden will meet with a bipartisan group of House Members on infrastructure. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg will also attend.
On the same day, the President will have a virtual call with NASA.

On Friday, March 5, 2021, the President is set to host an event on the economy.

And that’s a wrap for this Wednesday morning. Low life satisfaction and depression are major impacts of the pandemics. If you’re downhearted, know that you are not the only one. Make sure to allocate the time for self-care. Take regular breaks throughout the day. Think positive thoughts. Good Morning DC will be here tomorrow to bring you the latest first. 


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