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Good Morning DC. 

Aren't you glad it's Friday? Today, the Trump defense team will present their argument in the Senate trial, and Good Morning DC has learned that they will rest their case much earlier than expected. 

"This is not a real trial," said Alan Dershowitz in his legal analysis reiterating that Trump's speech at the Ellipse on January 6, 2021, "was fully protected under the First Amendment." 

Dershowitz noted that House impeachment managers deserve credit for putting together a powerful and emotional case about the inexcusable events of January 6, 2021. "They get the Emmy, they get the Oscars, but when it comes to the Constitutional law," Dershowitz said, they get "B minus with great inflation." 

Dershowitz used an opportunity to share that Jamie Raskin was his student and disclosed the story about Raskin's father, Marcus Raskin. In 1968 Marcus Raskin defied the military draft and was indicted for "inciting people to defy the military law." Dershowitz said that he played a role in the case. His advice to Marcus Raskin's defense team was to plead the First Amendment. "And guess what they did? They pleaded the First Amendment, and Marcus Raskin was acquitted on First Amendment grounds, the same grounds his brilliant son is now trivializing," Dershowitz did not hide his criticism.

To be clear, Dershowitz is saying that Trump "violed his responsibility to his country." He condemns the speech the former President made but insists that "the First Amendment protected it." The constitutional argument Dershowitz is making is that the "Brandenburg principle covered Trump's speech."

"Incitement," according to Dershowitz, is "very difficult to prove as the Supreme Court requires immediacy and a direct order to say 'go in, break-in, now.'" Dershowitz is confident that "There is no way that this case is covered with the exceptions to the First Amendment."

President Biden believes that "some minds on the impeachment can be changed," but insiders told Good Morning DC that the votes are still on the side of Trump's acquittal. 

Trump won't be convicted. Can anything change the outcome? There are enough Senators to vote for acquittal based on the First Amendment grounds but could change their mind to vote to convict if Trump's legal team put an election on trial and say that "the election was stolen." That's something, in Dershowitz's view, that could flip Mitch McConnel to vote to convict. That is why, Dershowitz explains, Trump's defense should only stick to the First Amendment argument. 

"January 6 was the culmination of the president's tactics, not an aberration," said Jamie Raskin. "Is there any political leader in this room who believes if he is ever allowed by the Senate to get back into the Oval Office, Donald Trump would stop inciting violence to get his way?"

Twitter keeps suspending people and media companies. The latest head to roll was of Project Veritas. Twitter is citing their policy on anti-doxxing as a reason for suspension. The question that remains unanswered is why Twitter hasn't applied the same suspension policy on the Lincoln Project for doxxing Trump's lawyers. 

New York Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof wants to put Fox News on trial and censor it. Liberals are now new censors, and American society is indeed openly becoming comfortable with censorship. Beware when those who are speaking of liberty become the censors of free speech.

Across the pond, the UK government and health experts say that social distancing measures will remain in place well into autumn, just in time for an updated AstraZeneca vaccine that will work against a new COVID variant.

Alexei Navalny's wife, Yulia, remains in Germany.

EU-Russia relations keep deteriorating over the poisoning and arrest of Navalny. 

"The EU's position is that we have made him a political prisoner, and this is unrelated to accusations against him. And that all of that constitutes a violation of human rights and Russia, as a party to numerous conventions on human rights, including the European Convention on Human Rights, must release him and respect his rights, said Lavrov in an interview with the Solovyov Live YouTube channel. 

During the interview, Lavrov warned the EU that Russia could cut ties with them "In the event that we again see sanctions imposed in some sectors that create risks for our economy, including in the most sensitive spheres." Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said, "We don't want to isolate ourselves from global life, but we have to be ready for that. If you want peace, then prepare for war."

What will Biden do today?

At 9:30 AM EST, the President and the Vice President will receive the President's Daily Brief in the Oval Office. At 11:15 AM EST, Biden and Harris will meet with a bipartisan group of governors and mayors to discuss the American Rescue Plan. At 12:45 PM EST, Harris, and Biden will dine at the White House. At 1:30 PM EST, the President and the Vice President will receive an economic briefing with the Secretary of the Treasury Yellen in the Oval Office. 

At 5:30 PM EST, the President will travel to Camp David, where he will stay over the weekend. 

Jen Psaki will brief the press at 12:30 PM EST.

At 2:30 PM EST, Spokesperson Ned Price will hold a press briefing at the State Department. 

That's a wrap for this Friday morning. The marketplace of ideas is shrinking. Hold onto your voice, thoughts, and ideas. Share them. That's what America is all about. The weekend is coming. Good Morning DC will be back on Monday to bring you the latest and most relevant first.  



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