#GoodMorningDC! Here's the world you are waking up to this Wednesday morning, March 24, 2021.

Good Morning DC with Chief White House Correspondent  Ksenija Pavlovic Mcateer

Good Morning DC! It’s Wednesday, and Bill Burns is the new director of the CIA.

After yesterday’s shooting in Colorado that left ten dead, President Biden spoke out in favor of an assault weapons ban. Biden showed courage and given the success of his political achievements and his age, he has nothing to lose and could save lives. 

In the past, Biden was one of the leading actors who got the Brady Bill passed, the bill that mandated federal background checks for firearm purchasers. During a press gaggle on Air Force One, Psaki issued a reminder that Biden "was in the lead in the Obama-Biden administration, putting in place more than a dozen executive actions on gun safety. And this will continue to be an issue that he's focused on day in and day out in this administration."

Gun control is a controversial subject in an already polarized America, but common sense laws–as we have already addressed the issue at the Pavlovic Today so many times so far–know no politics. A grieving mother who lost her son to a supermarket shooting wants nothing more than to have her son alive, yet no one has returned from the dead. For those victims and those families, we must act. It is not normal to go for groceries only to be killed while browsing produce or shopping for laundry detergent. 

Dianne Senator Feinstein and Congressman Cicilline have proposed legislation that would ban assault weapons ban, a plan that Biden advocated for. However, Biden indicated that executive action is also on the table.

In Columbus yesterday, Biden took a few questions from the traveling press pool. When asked about threats from Senators Duckworth and Hirono to block nominees until there are more AAPI appointments, Biden said: "We have the most diverse Cabinet in history. We have a lot of Asian Americans that are in the Cabinet and in sub-Cabinet levels."

On the immigration crisis at the border, Biden promised that he would "have more to say about that in the next couple of days." He continued by saying that,  "the last administration dismantled [the system]."

On North Korea, Biden said, "We've learned nothing much has changed."

America will renew Strategic Dialogue with Iraq in April. "The meetings will further clarify that coalition forces are in Iraq solely for the purpose of training and advising Iraqi forces to ensure that ISIS cannot reconstitute," Psaki said. 

Biden announced an extension of the special enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act, which will now run through August 15, 2021. He urged qualifying Americans to get registered, "A few clicks and a short conversation, and that's all it takes to start seeing those benefits."

Americans who want to enroll in coverage and see if they qualify for financial help to reduce the cost of monthly premiums can visit or

America was waiting long for the first press conference with Joe Biden to take place. Still, Good Morning DC has been told that the President's press conference will only allow for 30 individually-seated journalists. The White House will also include the remainder of the in-house pool still-photographers and TV pool for a total of 40 individuals. There is no word about how any of the seats for Thursday will be assigned. 

Across the pond, a year since lockdown, British newspapers are reflecting on the Covid pandemic and their leader’s regrets. "Bells toll for 126,000 lives lost," states the cover of Times. "Johnson admits Covid regrets but rejects clamour for public inquiry," writes Guardian. "This will haunt me for as long as I live," Daily Mail headlines PM Boris Johnson's confession on the pandemic. 

Also, in Daily Mail, Sarah Vine, British politician Michael Gove's wife, pens a column entitled "If Meghan Markle was wrong about the wedding, how can we believe anything else in her Oprah interview?" Vine points to the fact that many Americans are unfamiliar with, "a misleading claim in the interview — that the Royal Family had somehow contrived to stop baby Archie being a prince. The rules are crystal clear: under protocols established by George V, a great-grandson of a sovereign has no right to such a title. And if there is one thing the Windsors like to adhere to, it's protocols."

Daily EXPRESS’s front-page headline reads, "Boris blasts out of touch BBC." The Prime Minister is calling out "metropolitan bias," and who would know the elites' bias better than the man himself, a former Mayor of London and old school Etonian. 

What will Biden do today?

At 10:00 AM  Biden and Harris will  receive the President’s Daily Brief                       

At 12:30 PM  The President will have lunch with Harris in the Private Dining Room

At 2:00 PM   Biden and Harris will meet with the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Secretary of Homeland Security and immigration advisors

At 4:15 PM   President and Jill Biden will host an event with Margaret Purce, Megan Rapinoe, and members of the U.S. Soccer Women’s National Team to mark Equal Pay Day

 At 10:30 AM  EDT  White House, COVID-19 Response Team will hold the press briefing 

At 12:30 PM  EDT Press Secretary Jen Psaki will brief a press with the Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers Cecilia Rouse, and Member of the Council of Economic Advisers Heather Boushey

Heads up: On Friday, March 26, First Lady Jill Biden and actress Jennifer Garner will travel to Alabama. They will tour the Jasper Area Family Service Center in Jasper and visit the YWCA of Central Alabama in Birmingham. 

On Friday, March 26, Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to New Haven, Connecticut. 


After a horrid, dry summer without a season of Bachelor in Paradise, objectively the best series out of the Bachelor franchise, it’s been released that plans are in motion to produce a season of the guilty pleasure show this summer. Reality Steve (the man who mysteriously knows every spoiler before anyone else) leaked that Bachelor in Paradise will air in June, in-between (SPOILER) Katie Thurston and Michelle Young’s seasons of the Bachelorette (there are two Bachelorettes this year, I don’t know why, please don’t ask). 

The only contestant that we know of so far is Dr. Joe Park, who is fully vaccinated. Alright Bachelor producers, may I propose a cast full of contestants who are either at-risk or frontline employees? After the year they had, they deserve it. Regardless of the cast, we are excited to get back to the drama, the jokes, the tears, Wills’s bartending and of course the ~love~

If you are looking for something to watch and feel like you have seen it at all, check out The Star on TCM. It's a black and white movie from the 50s with Bette Davis about the passing glare of fame and what really matters in life. 

On April 1, The Nanny will be available for streaming on HBO Max.

Prince Harry has a new job. And just like that, before you can even say Oprah, he and Meghan will be out of poverty. Silicon Valley company Better Up, focused on coaching and mental health fitness, hired him as their new Chief Impact Officer. Well, after the media attention he gained already, he certainly knows how to make an impact. 

And that's a wrap for this Wednesday morning, March 24, 2021. To quote Biden's favorite saying, “Just because you can't get something through the first time, it doesn't mean you don't keep trying.” Have some news you want to share? Email us all the deets. Good Morning DC will be back tomorrow to bring you the latest first. 



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