Confessions of the Financier

By Oliviero Rubini | Published 08.05.2016. | Inspiration

Confessions of the Financier: We Live in a Brutal World

Confessions of the Financier: We live in a brutal world, where the celebration of success comes at the cost of all those…

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Madame CJ Walker

By Micah Morgan | Published 08.05.2016. | Inspiration

Madame CJ Walker : 5 Life Lessons from the Self-Made Millionaire

Madame CJ Walker is America's first self made female millionaire. Walker thrived during an era when the regular distribution…

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By Kristina Kantar | Published 01.05.2016. | Inspiration

Happiness is in the Eye of the Beholder

Happiness starts with your perception of things. Choosing to be happy doesn’t mean you’ll never be sad or angry again. It…

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Andrea DiLeto Zola

By | Published 01.05.2016. | Inspiration

Andrea DiLieto Zola : If You Have a Dream Go for It!

It takes a very special man to be married to a strong independent woman, says entrepreneur Andrea DiLieto Zola, CEO of MBD…

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By | Published 17.04.2016. | Inspiration

Success Means You've Got To Hold It Together

Passion breeds a deep will to work, to imagine new paths and to move forward with grace through challenges, says  Elisabeth Maragoula, Founder…

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being present

By Kristina Kantar | Published 04.09.2016. | Inspiration

Stress Free Life: How to be Present?

Being present is the most certain path to a stress-free life. We live under the constant flow of information from social…

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little things

By Kristina Kantar | Published 03.07.2016. | Inspiration

Do More of What Makes You Happy

Enjoy little things while waiting for the big ones to come. How often do you stop and smell the flowers? How often do you…

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By The Pavlovic Today Newsroom | Published 10.04.2016. | Inspiration

Shonda Rhimes: Let's Commence!

In 2014, Shonda Rhimes went back to her Alma Mater to give Dartmouth's Commencement Address.    [wpdevart_youtube]EuHQ6TH60_I[/wpdevart_youtube]   Dreams…

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