Christian Lewis Co-Founder of

By Karen Jang | Published 07.06.2020. | Inspiration

Interview With Christian Lewis: Changing The World During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept brutally throughout the United States many frontline workers became infected and died because…

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Photo: Netflix

By Liam Glen | Published 14.04.2020. | Inspiration

What Tiger King Tells Us About The Consequences Of Consumerism

Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness has been a top-ranking show since its release in mid-March, having…

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Photo: Roberto Farruggio

By The Pavlovic Today Newsroom | Published 08.04.2020. | Inspiration

Il Canale’s Employees Continue To Receive Pay Throughout The COVID-19 Crisis

► Small-business owner Joe Farruggio will be continuing to pay his employees despite the restaurant, Il Canale, being shut…

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Image by Miesha Moriniere from Pixabay

By Sayeh Yousefi | Published 18.03.2020. | Inspiration

5 Low-Cost Ways To Survive Self-Isolation

Self-isolation has many of us asking how we can stay lively, positive, and active, when confined to our own homes. Especially…

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Jennifer Lopez shoe collection for DSW

By The Pavlovic Today Newsroom | Published 16.03.2020. | Inspiration

Show off Your Shoes Like J-Lo

During the coronavirus outbreak, J-Lo posted the images for the new shoe line she developed exclusively for DSW. In the…

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Jessica Simpson's Open Book

By Margaret Valenti | Published 23.01.2020. | Inspiration

Jessica Simpson Shares Her Story Of Childhood Sexual Abuse: “I felt in the wrong” 

On Thursday, Jessica Simpson published an excerpt of her new memoir, Open Book, in People magazine. In it she reveals a history…

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