find happiness

By Drishti Thakkar | Published 04.11.2017. | Inspiration

6 Awesome Ways To Find Happiness Within Yourself

 1. You know yourself best  No one knows you better than you know yourself. Then, how is it fair to expect…

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doing nothing

By Drishti Thakkar | Published 23.10.2017. | Inspiration

The Art Of Doing Nothing And Why It Is Necessary

Seriously, you’re not! You are a person that works hard for a lot of things. If you ask me, I’ll always have…

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By Kristina Kantar | Published 19.10.2017. | Inspiration

The Magic Of Accepting Your True Self

Accepting all parts of yourself is a long and rocky road. There are parts of us that we turn a blind eye to, parts we lie…

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take care of yourself

By Drishti Thakkar | Published 08.10.2017. | Inspiration

You Should Take Care Of Yourself Because You Matter The Most

 You may have often heard, “you are what you eat.” Maintaining a balanced diet is the key to remaining mentally…

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By Drishti Thakkar | Published 25.09.2017. | Inspiration

How Do You Decide What Goals To Set For Yourself?

Knowing what you love to do and making time to do that is healthy for your emotional and mental well-being. It’s important…

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Jerry Lewis

By Drishti Thakkar | Published 22.08.2017. | Inspiration

Jerry Lewis: An Inspiration To Millennials

 An American actor, comedian, singer, film producer, film director, screenwriter, humanitarian Jerry Lewis.  took…

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Copyright: Mindmo

By Kristina Kantar | Published 15.07.2017. | Inspiration

How To Deal With Excessive Worry And Anxiety

Anxiety is probably the only unpleasant state we have all experienced. Going through your days worrying about the things…

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workplace wellness

By Habiba Abudu | Published 09.07.2017. | Inspiration

5 Proven Strategies For Workplace Wellness

Be open to new ideas Alastair Macdonald, senior vice-president, human resources, Nestlé Canada Inc., Toronto says…

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