By Habiba Abudu | Published 06.07.2017. | Inspiration

5 Ways To Make Your Life A Meaningful One

1.  Take Risks Now is the time to work on your passion project. Don’t live your life building other people’s…

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By Habiba Abudu | Published 02.07.2017. | Inspiration

6 Secrets For Creating Meaningful Relationships This Summer

Do you want to create better relationships? These 6 steps will help you create and maintain meaningful relationships this…

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By Habiba Abudu | Published 01.07.2017. | Inspiration

The Healing Power Of Cooking With Lifestyle Blogger and Cook Kezia Eniang

British lifestyle and cooking blogger Kezia Eniang is known for her Youtube Channel Kezia Eniang  and blog: Kezia’s…

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By Habiba Abudu | Published 26.06.2017. | Inspiration

4 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Rocky Balboa

  1. You will Experience Difficulties in Life Rocky Balboa encountered various hardships in the film…

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John F. Kennedy

By Master | Published 25.06.2017. | Inspiration

American Visionary: John F. Kennedy

Let's celebrate JFK's legacy. On his 100th Birthday, what are the key life lessons we can learn from him? John Fitzgerald…

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By Habiba Abudu | Published 20.06.2017. | Inspiration

7 Ways To Immediately Start Feeling Confident! Here's How

Confidence is important. Once you develop self-confidence you won’t settle for being mistreated, misused or abused.  1. Eat…

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money management

By Habiba Abudu | Published 17.06.2017. | Inspiration

7 Money Management Habits That You Should Start Right Now

Do you want to practice better money management skills? These 7 money management habits will lead you to financial success. At…

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Photo credit: Marcus Owens

By Habiba Abudu | Published 10.06.2017. | Inspiration

Former Army Servicewoman Talks About How She Survived Life Challenges When All Odds Were Against Her

Former Army servicewoman, Erika Navarrete opens up to the Pavlovic Today about challenges she experienced in her life. Last…

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