Jerry Lewis

By Drishti Thakkar | Published 22.08.2017. | Inspiration

Jerry Lewis: An Inspiration To Millennials

 An American actor, comedian, singer, film producer, film director, screenwriter, humanitarian Jerry Lewis.  took…

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By Kristina Kantar | Published 15.07.2017. | Inspiration

How To Deal With Excessive Worry And Anxiety

Anxiety is probably the only unpleasant state we have all experienced. Going through your days worrying about the things…

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workplace wellness

By Habiba Abudu | Published 09.07.2017. | Inspiration

5 Proven Strategies For Workplace Wellness

Be open to new ideas Alastair Macdonald, senior vice-president, human resources, Nestlé Canada Inc., Toronto says…

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By Habiba Abudu | Published 02.07.2017. | Inspiration

6 Secrets For Creating Meaningful Relationships This Summer

Do you want to create better relationships? These 6 steps will help you create and maintain meaningful relationships this…

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By Habiba Abudu | Published 06.07.2017. | Inspiration

5 Ways To Make Your Life A Meaningful One

1.  Take Risks Now is the time to work on your passion project. Don’t live your life building other people’s…

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By Habiba Abudu | Published 01.07.2017. | Inspiration

The Healing Power Of Cooking With Lifestyle Blogger and Cook Kezia Eniang

British lifestyle and cooking blogger Kezia Eniang is known for her Youtube Channel Kezia Eniang  and blog: Kezia’s…

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By Habiba Abudu | Published 26.06.2017. | Inspiration

4 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Rocky Balboa

  1. You will Experience Difficulties in Life Rocky Balboa encountered various hardships in the film…

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By Habiba Abudu | Published 20.06.2017. | Inspiration

7 Ways To Immediately Start Feeling Confident! Here's How

Confidence is important. Once you develop self-confidence you won’t settle for being mistreated, misused or abused.  1. Eat…

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