By Adrienne Gagne | Published 02.04.2017. | Inspiration

3 Great Reasons to Pick Up An Erotica Novel Today

Reading Erotica helps you explore your own desires and express your needs in intimate moments. Once 50 Shades of Grey hit…

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By Kristina Kantar | Published 26.03.2017. | Inspiration

Essential 5 Tips For A Happy Life

Even the slightest change of perspective can raise your vibration and increase the feelings of happiness. These essential…

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By Adrienne Gagne | Published 19.03.2017. | Inspiration

Six Steps That Will Help You Fight Ignorance As Told By Socrates

Ignorance is defined as a lack of knowledge about a particular subject or field. Oftentimes, unawareness is associated with…

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ethical behavior

By Basit Ali | Published 12.03.2017. | Inspiration

Why You Should Follow Your Morals And Be Ethical

Good ethical behavior is an integral part of effective decision-making and makes all the difference in your life. Although…

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studying abroad

By Adrienne Gagne | Published 12.03.2017. | Inspiration

Five Ways To Overcome Homesickness While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad will push you out of your comfort zone, but these five suggestions can help you make the most of your time…

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By The Pavlovic Today Staff | Published 11.03.2017. | Inspiration

Proven Productivity Hacks That Will Help You Boost Efficiency

Productivity: This is how you can focus on the things that really matter. In an increasingly distracting world, productivity…

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Mental Illness

By The Pavlovic Today Staff | Published 05.03.2017. | Inspiration

3 Main Culprits Behind The Mental Illness Epidemic

The mental illness proliferation has been exacerbated by social media, marketing and – oddly enough – higher living standards. 1.…

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EFT tapping therapy

By Adrienne Gagne | Published 05.03.2017. | Inspiration

Why We All Love EFT Tapping Therapy

EFT Tapping Therapy is an alternative method to relieve anxiety and sadness. When we seek professional help to alleviate…

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