Thanos Dimadis -President of Foreign Press Correspondents Association-USA

By Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer | Published 18.05.2021. | Interviews

exclusive How Journalism Performs In Weak Democracies: Interview With Thanos Dimadis

THE PAVLOVIC TODAY: Recently the U.S. State Department in its annual human rights report referred to you as a case of a press…

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Portland Trail Blazer and Erdogan critic Enes Kanter ( Photo: courtesy of Enes Kanter)

By Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer | Published 22.02.2021. | Interviews

ENES KANTER: President Biden, Save My Country

Portland Trail Blazer Enes Kanter spent much of his youth in his beloved Turkey. Growing up, he wanted to become a soccer…

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George Gigicos Co-Founder of OPAC

By Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer | Published 07.12.2020. | Interviews

OPAC's George Gigicos: We Are Peacefull Agents Of Change

What is your personal motivation for creating OPAC? George Gigicos: I am an Orthodox Christian and the son of a Priest…

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Anthony Scaramucci

By Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer | Published 12.11.2020. | Interviews

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI: The Time Is Running Out For A Smooth Transition

In the summer of 2019, I was interviewing Anthony Scaramucci in his office on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, taking the first…

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Adam Boehler— CEO of the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC)

By Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer | Published 25.09.2020. | Interviews

exclusive Exclusive Interview: Adam Boehler On New Era Of Serbia-US Relations Ushered In By Trump Administration’s Fresh Approach To Diplomacy

HIGHLIGHTS ► Boehler on Serbia-Kosovo Agreement: It was President Trump’s ability, Grenell's ability, Vucic's…

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Rachel Baitel, Deputy Chief of Staff to DFC’s CEO Adam Boehler

By Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer | Published 24.09.2020. | Interviews

exclusive Interview With Rachael Baitel: Implementation Of The Serbia-Kosovo Agreement Puts Spotlight On Women’s Role In New Era Of US-Serbia Relations

Today, Serbia is indubitably taking up space on the world stage, supported by the keen interests of U.S. government officials.…

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The Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the New Zealand First Party, the Rt Hon Winston Peters

By Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer | Published 02.09.2020. | Interviews

exclusive EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Courage, Determination And True Grit With Deputy Prime Minister Of New Zealand, The Rt Hon Winston Peters

HIGHLIGHTS  ►  I know of no profession that can do so much harm to people so quickly as politics. Conversely,…

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