Washington DC ( Photo by Jacob Creswick via  Unsplash)

By Anoosha Murtaza | Published 23.06.2021. | Inspiration

DC Releases Ad Campaign To Increase Tourism Following Pandemic And Attack On Capitol

Washington DC leaders and hospitality partners are working towards a plan to allow visitors back into the District after…

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Van Jones in The First Step ( Photo: ©TheFirstStep )

By Delaney Tarr | Published 21.06.2021. | Mixed Media

The First Step: Van Jones’ Uphill Battle To Reconcile America Around Prison Reform

Brandon Kramer’s new documentary “The First Step” follows the main protagonist, Van Jones, as he lobbies…

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Above Water by Aïssa Maïga © Rousslan Dion, Bonne Pioche Cinéma - 2021

By Jaala Brown | Published 18.06.2021. | Mixed Media

Cannes Film Festival Takes Climate Change To The Silver Screen

On Friday, the Festival de Cannes announced a list of films they will display at the festival to address the issue of climate…

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By Delaney Tarr | Published 16.06.2021. | Mixed Media

Nasrin Sotoudeh Still Fights On For Social Justice

NASRIN, the documentary directed by Jeff Kaufman and narrated by Oscar® Winner Olivia Colman follows the daily life of…

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Obese woman watching TV ( Photo credit: logo3in1 via Photo Adobe Stock)

By Hannah Walker | Published 15.06.2021. | Inspiration

Wegovy Injections May Cure Obesity Epidemic But There Are Side-Effects

On June 4, the FDA approved the use of Wegovy (semaglutide) injections for weight loss. The injections are targeted for individuals…

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Photo credit: gstockstudio/Adobe Stock

By Hannah Walker | Published 06.06.2021. | Inspiration

Books That Shaped My Life

We all have that one book that we couldn’t seem to put down. One that inspired us, and allowed us to live so many different…

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Jodie Foster, Guest of honour and Honorary Palme d'or © RR

By Jaala Brown | Published 02.06.2021. | Mixed Media

Jodie Foster Will Receive Honorary Palme d’Or At Cannes Film Festival

Actress and filmmaker Jodie Foster will receive the honorary Palme d’Or at the 74th Festival of Cannes. She will receive…

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The year is yours ( Photo : Adobe Stock)

By Hannah Walker | Published 02.06.2021. | Inspiration

5 Mid-Year Resolutions That You Need  To Make

At the start of a New Year, we all have resolutions that we look forward to accomplishing. Still, life gets busy and we often…

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