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Film Still

By Nolan Kelly | Published 26.06.2017. | Mixed Media

Jupiter’s Moon Exposes The Extent Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis Across Europe

Jupiter’s Moon, directed by Kornél Mundruczó seeks to expose the extent of the Syrian refugee crisis currently happening…

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Film Still

By Sophie Jay | Published 22.06.2017. | Mixed Media

Netflix Original Movie Okja Tells The Story Of Animal Cruelty And Corporate Harm

With less than 10 days until the release of Netflix Original Movie Okja delivers a tale of animal cruelty and corporate harm. “Okja”…

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By Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer | Published 16.06.2017. | Mixed Media

LOVELESS : The Beauty In Film Outside Of Nationality Or Language

In the ebullient atmosphere at Cannes just after kickoff, a phenomenon occurs where oncoming films get hyped up or passed…

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Image Credit : FDC

By Nolan Kelly | Published 18.06.2017. | Mixed Media

In A Time Of Political Correctness, The Politics Of Art Is More Important Than Ever

Nolan Kelly left New York for two weeks to unveil all the contradictions of Cannes film festival. "In a time of political…

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By Sophie Jay | Published 13.06.2017. | Mixed Media

Wonderstruck Unveils Mysteries Of Silence And Human Connection

Wonderstruck, a coming-of-age Todd Haynes' adaptation of a children's novel by Brian Selznick premiered in the Offical Selection…

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Robin Wright

By Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer | Published 18.05.2017. | Mixed Media

Robin Wright To The Pavlovic Today:

On the day 2 of the Cannes film festival, Women in Motion welcomed a few select members of the press to "by invitation…

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Copyright: Griffin Lipson/The New York Times.

By | Published 13.12.2016. | Mixed Media

Ben Affleck Talks His New Movie "Life By Night" In New York City

Two-time Academy Award winner Ben Affleck joined Times journalist Chip McGrath for an intimate conversation on Affleck’s…

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Gerard Butler, 211. Photographer: Sam Jones ;Copyright: Sam Jones; Source: Flickr

By | Published 31.10.2016. | Mixed Media

Gerard Butler In The Cast Of Fortcoming Psychological Thriller KEEPERS

Gerard Butler in the cast of forthcoming psychological thriller KEEPERS by award-winning Danish director Kristoffer Nyholm. London,…

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