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Vladimir Nabokov

By Jonathan Compo | Published 27.11.2019. | Mixed Media

Abstracts of Essays I Don’t Have Time to Write 3: Women Recommend Misogynists to Me

The absolute value and relative importance of a given book is forever being reassessed. For those with a stake in one book,…

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Photo by Frederick M. Brown - © 2014 Getty Images - Image courtesy gettyimages.com

By Jonathan Compo | Published 20.11.2019. | Mixed Media

Abstract of Essays I Don’t Have Time to Write 2: Michael Schur’s New Sincerity

Michael Schur’s trilogy—The Office (US), Parks and Recreation, and The Good Place—are an attempt to recuperate…

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Photo: Gage Skidmore

By Jonathan Compo | Published 18.11.2019. | Mixed Media

Abstracts of Essays I Don’t Have Time to Write 1: John Green’s Fear 

John Green—author, philanthropist, self-identified nerd and YouTube mogul—is afraid of women. This isn’t…

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By Jonathan Compo | Published 19.08.2019. | Mixed Media

Knives Out Has European Premiere At BFI London

Knives Out, the latest film from Brick’s Rian Johnson, will have its European premiere as the American Express Gala…

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By Jonathan Compo | Published 16.08.2019. | Mixed Media

Adele Marie—The Best Ever Young Adult Author Out of Denton

If you search Texas at time of publication, the results will be still be dominated by the mass shooting in El Paso. But the…

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Long Gone By still photo

By Margaret Valenti | Published 25.07.2019. | Mixed Media

Long Gone By Portrays The Humanity Of An Unjust US Immigration System

The film Long Gone By portrays the reality of living in the United States as an undocumented immigrant. The story takes place…

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Nevena Bridgen and Boris Johnson

By The Pavlovic Today Newsroom | Published 07.07.2019. | Mixed Media

Nevena Bridgen Pens The Hustings Diary With Boris Johnson

Founder of The Wives of Westminster, Nevena Bridgen reveals behind the scenes of the Conservative party leadership hustings,…

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