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By Candy Chan | Published 11.07.2020. | Mixed Media

3 TV Series You Should Watch This Weekend

1. For those who like history but find period pieces boring…. The Great on Hulu The Great follows a young Catherine…

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Naya Rivera ( photo: Naya Rivera/Twitter)

By Karen Jang | Published 10.07.2020. | Mixed Media

Glee Star Naya Rivera Most Likely Dead After An Outing on Lake Piru

Throughout my childhood and into my adolescence, I have loved and watched Glee, the TV show about a group of individual high…

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 Blood and lipstick: Depp’s graffiti on a mirror

By Candy Chan | Published 09.07.2020. | Mixed Media

Johnny Depp Accuses Amber Heard Of Telling “Porky Pie” In Trial

The third day of trial began with questions over Depp and Heard’s detox trip on his private island in the Bahamas in…

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By Candy Chan | Published 08.07.2020. | Mixed Media

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Face Showdown In Court

On Tuesday Johnny Depp and Amber Heard attended High Court in London to proceed with the first day of a three-week libel…

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By Karen Jang | Published 02.06.2020. | Mixed Media

Marina Abramovic and Alejandro Inarritu Discuss Stories About Deep Pain and Loss  

As we, globally, grieve over our life before the pandemic and progress into a post-pandemic world, we need art now more than…

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George Packer

By Margaret Valenti | Published 28.05.2020. | Mixed Media

George Packer: Holbrooke’s Life Offers A Lens Into U.S. Foreign Policy And Its Decline

Richard Holbrooke’s life coexists with the most powerful era of U.S. foreign policy and its inevitable decline. At…

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Taylor Swift in Miss Americana. Netflix

By Margaret Valenti | Published 24.02.2020. | Mixed Media

Taylor Swift Opens Up About Eating Disorder: “I'm Not In Any Way Proud Of It”

In a new documentary, Miss Americana, which premiered on Netflix on January 31st, 2020, Taylor Swift talks openly about having…

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Vladimir Nabokov

By Jonathan Compo | Published 27.11.2019. | Mixed Media

Abstracts of Essays I Don’t Have Time to Write 3: Women Recommend Misogynists to Me

The absolute value and relative importance of a given book is forever being reassessed. For those with a stake in one book,…

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