Mixed media

By Nolan Kelly | Published 21.04.2018. | Mixed Media

The Serengeti Rules Offers Hope For Our Ecology

Passion Planet’s new documentary The Serngeti Rules is a well-glossed portrayal of our latest biology lessons. As…

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Isaya and William, eyes closed, in TANZANIA TRANSIT. Photo credit: Esther Eenstroom

By Nolan Kelly | Published 20.04.2018. | Mixed Media

Captivating Road Movie Tanzania Transit Follows Three People Finding Their Way

Tanzania Transit is a beautifully open, subtly structured glimpse at modern life in sub-Saharan East Africa. Captivating…

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Daughter of Mine, Laura Bispuri

By Nolan Kelly | Published 19.04.2018. | Mixed Media

Tribeca —Daughter Of Mine Tells The Story Of Imperfect Motherhood

In Laura Bispuri’s new movie premiered at Tribeca, Daughter of Mine, two powerful women feud for the right of motherhood. I’ve…

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By Nolan Kelly | Published 18.04.2018. | Mixed Media

Tribeca 2018 Is Where Wall Street Goes Home To

Our reporter Nolan Kelly examines what’s included in Tribeca 2018, one of New York’s most exclusive film industry events.  The…

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Dame Judi Dench in Red Joan

By Nolan Kelly | Published 24.02.2018. | Mixed Media

Red Joan And Red Sparrow—The Politics Of Cold War Cinema

The new Judy Dench film Red Joan is a contribution to the recent uptick of Russian-oriented thrillers, but one that promises…

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By | Published 28.12.2017. | Mixed Media

How Many Days In Porto?

How Many Days in Porto? I’ve received some bad news today The lies breaking through the ceiling This time I did not cry That…

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218 European Shooting Stars

By Sayeh Yousefi | Published 19.12.2017. | Mixed Media

The 2018 European Shooting Stars – Celebrating Diversity and Talent

Diversity is a reality, not an empty promise at The 2018 European Shooting Stars Award for the 68th Berlinale, taking place…

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By Nolan Kelly | Published 01.11.2017. | Mixed Media

Dee Rees’ New Film Mudbound, Showing On Netflix, Is One To Watch

Dee Rees’  makes her breakout as a director with a biracial epic Mudbound in the heart of Mississippi. After Driving Miss…

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