Mixed media

Vanessa Redgrave

By Nolan Kelly | Published 06.10.2017. | Mixed Media

Vanessa Redgrave On The Refugee Crisis: “It Could Be Us.”

Vanessa Redgrave’s documentary Sea Sorrow is more a vanity project than a call to action. I won’t soon forget Meryl Streep’s…

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Greta Gerwig

By Nolan Kelly | Published 06.10.2017. | Mixed Media

Greta Gerwig Speaks To The Pavlovic Today: “What Better Way To Make A Love Letter Than Through Somebody Who Wants To Get Out”

Greta Gerwig opens up to The Pavlovic Today on the autobiographical nature of her directorial debut, Lady Bird. Following…

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By Nolan Kelly | Published 04.10.2017. | Mixed Media

New York Film Festival Review: Call Me By Your Name

Luca Guadagnino builds a bildungsroman around privilege and repression in his new movie Call Me by Your Name screened at…

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Ruben Ostlund

By Nolan Kelly | Published 30.09.2017. | Mixed Media

Ruben Ostlund: "We Are All Born Into A Kind Of Collective Guilt"

At NYFF, Ruben Ostlund, director of Palme d’Or winning new film The Square, says that "so often we want to do the right thing,…

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Courtesy Amazon Studios _ Wilson Webb

By Nolan Kelly | Published 28.09.2017. | Mixed Media

New York Film Festival Review: World Premiere Of Last Flag Flying

Richard Linklater’s new ‘war film’ Last Flag Flying tells the story of three Vietnam veterans thirty years later dealing…

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Noah Baumbach

By Nolan Kelly | Published 27.09.2017. | Mixed Media

Noah Baumbach Walks The NYFF Press Through His Meyerowitz Stories

In a talkback following the screening of The Meyerowitz Stories at the New York Film Festival, filmmaker Noah Baumbach addresses…

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Lover for a day

By Nolan Kelly | Published 27.09.2017. | Mixed Media

Lover For A Day Brings The Garrel Dynasty To New York

Philippe Garrel’s latest film Lover For A Day stars his daughter as the child of infidelity. If an American equivalent exists…

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The Day After

By Nolan Kelly | Published 25.09.2017. | Mixed Media

Hong Sangsoo Takes The American Indie Film Overseas

Hong Sangsoo's The Day After is a remarkably unadorned feature that puts universal truths into subtitle at NYFF The success…

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