Mixed media

The Florida Project

By Nolan Kelly | Published 24.09.2017. | Mixed Media

The Florida Project: Sean Baker’s Film About America’s New Gilded Age

 The Florida Project is the latest of Sean Baker’s films about America’s new Gilded Age. One of those rare moments at a…

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By Nolan Kelly | Published 23.09.2017. | Mixed Media

A Supernatural Reckoning With One’s Sexuality In Thelma

A Norwegian teenager’s identity crisis has dangerous repercussions for her family and friends. Americans have a tendency…

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Ismael’s Ghosts

By Nolan Kelly | Published 23.09.2017. | Mixed Media

Ismael’s Ghosts Gets An Extended Cut For NYFF

Ismael’s Ghosts: The Director’s Cut, is a reminder that there is a crucible of chaos behind most things we see and love. Beware…

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The Rider

By Nolan Kelly | Published 22.09.2017. | Mixed Media

The Rider Carefully Undoes The Myth Of The American West

The Rider, Chloe Zhao's slow documentary-based feature, shows a fragile side of the rodeo cowboy. The Rider, a thing of…

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The Other Side Of Hope

By Nolan Kelly | Published 21.09.2017. | Mixed Media

The Other Side Of Hope Is The Most Unexpected Film At NYFF

As the regularity of NYFF screenings sinks in, Aki Kaurismäki’s new film The Other Side of Hope is a tone change we didn’t…

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By Nolan Kelly | Published 21.09.2017. | Mixed Media

Félicité Brings Kinshasa To New York

Alain Gomis’ new film Félicité is a moving take on motherly love in a place long forgotten by film. Having spent over a century…

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Arthur Miller

By Nolan Kelly | Published 20.09.2017. | Mixed Media

New York Film Festival: The Hidden Realities Of Arthur Miller

Rebecca Miller’s new documentary Arthur Miller: Writer, attempts a wide-ranging documentary from a daring vantage point:…

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Joan Didion

By Nolan Kelly | Published 19.09.2017. | Mixed Media

Joan Didion Documentary At The Soft Opening Of New York Film Festival

55th NYFF kicks off with an intimate Joan Didion documentary. We’re not in Cannes anymore, Toto. If you need proof, look…

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