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Rob Reiner

By Nolan Kelly | Published 19.09.2017. | Mixed Media

A Tribute To Filmmaker Rob Reiner

Zurich Film Festival honors a filmmaker Rob Reiner whose versatile career has offered a lifetime of social justice. In many…

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By Nolan Kelly | Published 17.09.2017. | Mixed Media

The Beguiled Is A Lot More Than Just A Feminist Playbook

Sofia Coppola’s new film The Beguiled adds revisionist history into her masterful career. When Ghostbusters was remade,…

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The White Crow

By Nolan Kelly | Published 13.09.2017. | Mixed Media

The White Crow Is A Bold Political Test For Director Ralph Fiennes

The White Crow, Rudolf Nureyev’s tale of Cold War defection is adapted to a new cultural climate. Ralph Fiennes has often…

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The Red Carpet - Eva Green, Roman Polanski and Emmanuelle Seigner - D'après une histoire vraie (Based On A True Story)

By Nolan Kelly | Published 11.09.2017. | Mixed Media

Roman Polanski, In Exile, Hides Behind His New Movie

Roman Polanski’s new movie is called Based on a True Story, although it isn’t. Polanski, now 84, is now capping a lifetime…

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Twin Peaks

By Nolan Kelly | Published 04.09.2017. | Mixed Media

The Twin Peaks Revival

Entire books could be written about David Lynch as a person, a movement, an obsession, so I’ll keep it short. It’s very…

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By Nolan Kelly | Published 28.08.2017. | Mixed Media

Jean-Luc Godard Attempts To Revolutionize Himself In Le Redoubtable

Le Redoubtable, a biopic of Jean-Luc Godard, is condemned by the man himself for its hard truths. French Director Michel…

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By Nolan Kelly | Published 17.08.2017. | Mixed Media

The Meyerowitz Stories Will Be Screened At New York Film Festival

Noah Baumbach once said that all his films are ruminations on failure. The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected), his latest…

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24 Frames

By Nolan Kelly | Published 12.08.2017. | Mixed Media

24 Frames : The Last Word Of Filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami

24 Frames – released posthumously and screened at Cannes this year as a Special Selection to honor the passing of Abbas Kiarostami –…

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