Mixed media

24 Frames

By Nolan Kelly | Published 12.08.2017. | Mixed Media

24 Frames : The Last Word Of Filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami

24 Frames – released posthumously and screened at Cannes this year as a Special Selection to honor the passing of Abbas Kiarostami –…

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By Nolan Kelly | Published 06.08.2017. | Mixed Media

There’s Nothing Artistic About Taylor Sheridan's Wind River

Taylor Sheridan's Wind River is not only American as apple pie, but also the movie that least needed inclusion in any artistic…

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By Nolan Kelly | Published 28.07.2017. | Mixed Media

Powerful Film 120 Beats Per Minute Raises The Awareness About AIDS

Robin Campillo's 120 Beats Per Minute explores the legacy of direct-action group ACT UP Paris, a chapter of a worldwide organizational…

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By The Pavlovic Today Newsroom | Published 15.07.2017. | Mixed Media

Bollywood Glamourama On The Green Carpet Of The Indian Film Festival

Mythily Krishnan journals her experience on the green carpet of the Bollywood glamourama at IIFA. Pouring rain almost completely…

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By The Pavlovic Today Newsroom | Published 14.07.2017. | Mixed Media

IIFA—The Three Day Bollywood Extravaganza Kicks Off In New York

IIFA - The three-day Bollywood extravaganza kicks off in New York City On Thursday, July 13th, members of the press gathered…

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Agnès Varda

By Nolan Kelly | Published 09.07.2017. | Mixed Media

Visages Villages: Agnès Varda Has Invented The Genre Of Documentary Memoir

While the average documentary is usually concerned with exposing hard facts about a situation outside the artist, Agnès Varda…

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You were never really here

By Nolan Kelly | Published 01.07.2017. | Mixed Media

Not Your Ordinary Boy’s Club: A Sex Trafficking Ring

Lynne Ramsey’s new movie You Were Never Really Here revolves around a different kind of boy’s club: a sex trafficking ring. It’s…

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Film Still

By Nolan Kelly | Published 26.06.2017. | Mixed Media

Jupiter’s Moon Exposes The Extent Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis Across Europe

Jupiter’s Moon, directed by Kornél Mundruczó seeks to expose the extent of the Syrian refugee crisis currently happening…

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