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Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

By Ava DeSantis | Published 29.07.2020. | Naked Opinion

The GOP Knows Politics Is A Contest Of Interests, Democrats Do Not

On Monday, the GOP unveiled its proposal for a final COVID-19 economic relief package. This proposal, essentially, serves…

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By Candy Chan | Published 26.07.2020. | Naked Opinion

Black Students Speak Out Against My High School

My memories of high school belong on a postcard. Every fall morning I woke up to vibrant orange leaves, like small flames…

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Photo: Kanye West/Twitter

By Jasmine Razeghi | Published 26.07.2020. | Naked Opinion

Keep Your Comments About Kanye’s Mental Health To Yourself

On Sunday, rapper and billionaire Kanye West held a rally for his bid for his presidential campaign. The rapper announced…

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Photo credit: U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Eric Dietrich

By Ava DeSantis | Published 17.07.2020. | Naked Opinion

Wealth Redistribution Isn't Out Of Your Hands, Ms. Disney

The letter opens, “millionaires have a critical role to play in healing our world [during COVID-19]...we do have money,…

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By Jasmine Razeghi | Published 13.07.2020. | Naked Opinion

Why Is Everything So White In The U.S.?

 “Why is everything so white in America?” , Muhammed Ali asked in 1971 on the BBC show, Parkinson.…

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By Jasmine Razeghi | Published 11.07.2020. | Naked Opinion

GOYA CEO's Praise Of Trump Is Seen As A Betrayal Of Hispanics

On Thursday, CEO and President of Goya Foods Bob Unanue, praised Donald Trump for his work with the economy at a White House…

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By Candy Chan | Published 10.07.2020. | Naked Opinion

If I Face Deportation From The U.S. I Would Have Nowhere To Go

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement announced on Monday that F1 and M1 visa holders — most international students…

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By Ava DeSantis | Published 10.07.2020. | Naked Opinion

Feminists’ Fight For Bodily Autonomy Should Be Anti-Capitalist

When President Trump became the 45th President of the United States, his Department of Health and Human services changed…

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