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Ida B. Wells

By Jenna Grace Piehl | Published 12.04.2021. | Naked Opinion

Women in Journalism: Meet Ida B. Wells

In 1892, three Black men and co-owners of a successful business found themselves in an altercation with the police and subsequently…

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Photo credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

By Jenna Grace Piehl | Published 07.03.2021. | Naked Opinion

Gen Z Is Terrified Of The Future

Gen Z was born into a dying world, and we’ve known it for years. For Ruthie Boyd, 23, the first signs came when the…

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Seattle homeless crisis/ David Lee/Flickr

By Lacey Nicole Robertson | Published 07.03.2021. | Naked Opinion

A Gen Z’s Take On Homelessness In Seattle: Is Big Tech To Blame?

The Ave is a student-frequented quirky strip of local restaurants, thrift shops, and dive bars located in Seattle’s…

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Susan Cipriano/ Pixabay

By Ava DeSantis | Published 31.12.2020. | Naked Opinion

2020 In Review: The Powerlessness of Gen Z 

Many, I expect, will look at the year 2020 as evidence for the familiar notion that the children will save us. We can expect…

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By Emily Wade | Published 27.12.2020. | Naked Opinion

Reports Reveal Little To The Public About The Nashville Blast

Much remains undisclosed to the public in Nashville, Tennessee, as this evening brings the day after the bomb blast to a…

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By Emily Wade | Published 26.12.2020. | Naked Opinion

Nashville Explosion: Unprecedented Aspects Of The Bomb Blast Raise Troubling Questions

Yesterday morning, around 5:30am, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department received a report that gunshots had been fired…

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By Emily Wade | Published 05.10.2020. | Naked Opinion

Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer: The White House Messaging Is Falling Apart

“The White House messaging is falling apart, put simply,” Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer said on News Hour, referencing…

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Photo credit: stock.adobe. com

By Candy Chan | Published 08.08.2020. | Naked Opinion

I Did College Wrong: Fears and Anxieties About Graduating During A Pandemic

When I watched the class of 2020 lament their lost time last Spring, I was not nervous. I did not think I, a member of the…

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