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Photograph: Everett Collection/Rex Feature

By Candy Chan | Published 10.06.2020. | Naked Opinion

Megyn Kelly And Ted Cruz Slam Removal Of "Gone With The Wind" As Censorship

Gone With the Wind, a true American classic set during the Civil War, has been temporarily pulled from the streaming service…

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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

By Jasmine Razeghi | Published 09.06.2020. | Naked Opinion

Steve King Lost His Seat in Congress, But What Was The Real Reason?

On June 3rd, the Des Moines Register revealed that Senator Randy Feenstra defeated 9 term incumbent Steve King, 45.7% to…

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The New York Times: The New York Times headquarters, New York, NY, U.S.A. ( AdobeStock)

By Candy Chan | Published 08.06.2020. | Naked Opinion

A Week Full Of Missteps At The New York Times

It all started on Wednesday, June 3rd. As the nation prepared for another day of protesting in the aftermath of the death…

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By Ava DeSantis | Published 04.06.2020. | Naked Opinion

Support For Community Bail Funds Demonstrates Need To Abolish Cash Bail

The Minnesota Freedom Fund did not put out a public call for support. Within 48 hours of the fund being available online,…

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Margaret Valenti throwing her cap in the air at her home for Gettysburg College’s virtual commencement

By Margaret Valenti | Published 19.05.2020. | Naked Opinion

Today I Graduated Into An Uncertain World

The symphony of congratulations for the 2020 graduates around the world are not just for us, they are for all those who made…

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Congressman Steve King Follow /Flickr

By Liam Glen | Published 15.05.2020. | Naked Opinion

Exonerating Steve King Accelerates The Normalization Of White Supremacy

In early 2019, controversial Republican Congressman Steve King from Iowa’s 4th district was interviewed by the New…

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Photo credit: Daisy Daisy/ Adobestock

By Margaret Valenti | Published 09.04.2020. | Naked Opinion

Why Race Is A Factor During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Race plays a significant role in this crisis, as the pandemic disproportionately affects people of color, disproportionately…

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Photo by Hyejin Kang/ Adobe stock

By Margaret Valenti | Published 07.04.2020. | Naked Opinion

Essential Workers At High Risk During COVID-19 Pandemic

Minimum wage and essential workers have no choice but to be on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle. Right now, most of…

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