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Melanie Panayiotou and her brother George Michael

By Margaret Valenti | Published 29.12.2019. | Naked Opinion

Remember George Michael Through The Death Of His Sister, Melanie Panayiotou 

George Michael (Georgios “Yog” Kyriacos Panayiotou), pop icon and one side of the duo band Wham!, died exactly…

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Photo: Governor Bill Lee/flickr

By Liam Glen | Published 22.12.2019. | Naked Opinion

Tennessee Makes The Right Move On Accepting Refugees

Bipartisanship is a rare sight in modern American politics. But some good news came when Republican Tennessee Governor Bill…

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Image by Amber Clay from Pixabay

By Margaret Valenti | Published 17.12.2019. | Naked Opinion

The Afghanistan Papers Are Critical To U.S. Democracy

The Washington Post very recently released documents held by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction…

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Photo: Boris Johnson ( Twitter)

By Liam Glen | Published 16.12.2019. | Naked Opinion

Boris Johnson Needs To Address Hate In The UK

Prime Minister Boris Johnson now has firm control over the United Kingdom’s government. In the latest parliamentary…

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State Department photo

By Liam Glen | Published 12.12.2019. | Naked Opinion

Aung San Suu Kyi’s Fall From Grace: How A Human Rights Icon Became Party To Mass Murderer

In 1991, Aung San Suu Kyi won the Nobel Peace Prize while under house arrest in Myanmar for her activism against the country’s…

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Time Magazine cover

By Margaret Valenti | Published 11.12.2019. | Naked Opinion

Greta Thunberg Proves Gen-Z Activism Works, But Still Has Limits

Gen-Z activism reached new heights when on Wednesday climate activist Greta Thunberg (Tune-berg) became Time’s Person…

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Pensacola shooting victims: Mohammad Sameh Haitham and Joshua Kaleb Watson

By Liam Glen | Published 09.12.2019. | Naked Opinion

The US Shouldn’t Have Been Training Saudi Personnel In The First Place

On December 6, a member of the Saudi air force carried out a mass shooting in Naval Air Station Pensacola, killing three.…

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Photo: Justice Department ( twitter)

By Liam Glen | Published 05.12.2019. | Naked Opinion

Bill Barr Believes Law Enforcement Is Immune From Scrutiny

The New York Times has christened Attorney General Bill Barr “the Man from 1980” for his controversial statements…

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