By Manos Makrygiannakis | Published 30.01.2017. | Politics

It is Time For The Reunification Of Cyprus

The Cyprus dispute is a noteworthy problem that must be resolved in 2017. Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkey…

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National School Choice Week

By Ayushi Patel | Published 26.01.2017. | Politics

The Three Things You Need To Know About National School Choice Week Proclamation

President Trump released a proclamation in honor of National School Choice Week. On Thursday afternoon, President of the…

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Air Force One

By | Published 26.01.2017. | Politics

President Trump's First Trip On Air Force One

Trump's first Air Force One trip symbolizes his launch into his presidency, and with this launch comes a series of executive…

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Womens march

By Bessie Bauman | Published 27.01.2017. | Politics

A Candid Opinion On The Women’s March

The fact that I attended a Women’s March does not mean I glorify abortion.  There has been much said about the Women’s Marches…

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By Jake Tibbetts | Published 25.01.2017. | Politics

By Repealing Obamacare Republicans Will Jeopardize Their Electoral Future

Jake Tibbets untangles the Conservative dilemma: keep Obamacare, or lose the support of rural America. Merely hours after…

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By Ateeya Sandhu | Published 24.01.2017. | Politics

How Will Donald Trump’s Policies Affect H1-B Workers In The U.S?

Donald Trump has openly stated his aim of deporting illegal immigrants in the U.S. back to their countries. However, his…

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By Ayushi Patel | Published 22.01.2017. | Politics

Is Chelsea Manning A Hero Or Traitor To America?

Just three days before leaving the white house, President Obama’s decision to commutate 1715 offenders, one of which is Chelsea…

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Copyright: UP

By The Pavlovic Today Newsroom | Published 26.01.2017. | Politics

The Surprisingly Ingenious Economics Of Frats

Frats are typically overlooked as merely being venues for drunk teenagers to convene, but what's their hidden genius economics…

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