The White House

VP Kamala Harris in Mexico ( Photo by Carlos Fyfe)

By Delaney Tarr | Published 23.06.2021. | The White House

Harris Set For First Visit To US-Mexico Border To Tackle Immigration

1. Harris to take the first border visit as VP Vice President Kamala Harris is set for her first visit as Vice President…

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Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a press briefing ( Photo by Cameron Smith)

By Delaney Tarr | Published 22.06.2021. | The White House

Jen Psaki Reiterates That Biden Has Never Supported Defunding The Police

1. Biden’s vision for crime and police Ahead of Biden’s remarks on crime tomorrow, Psaki spoke on the administration’s…

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White House Press Briefing ( Photo credit: William Moon)

By Delaney Tarr | Published 21.06.2021. | The White House

4 Key Takeaways From Monday’s Press Briefing At The White House

1. Voting Rights Act Set to Fail Talk about the filibuster continues, as an expansive voting rights bill heads to a Senate…

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Donald Trump ( Photo by Shealah Craighead)

By Anoosha Murtaza | Published 18.06.2021. | The White House

News At 9 PM: From Trump’s Endorsement Of Tshibaka To UN Intervention In Myanmar

Former President Trump Endorses Tshibaka Over Murkowski in Alaska Former President Donald Trump has stated his endorsement…

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Morgantown, WV - 5 April 2021: Prescription bottle and capsules illustrates Pfizer trials of oral antiviral treatment for SARS-CoV-2 or Covid-19 virus ( Photo by steheap via Adobe Stock )

By Anoosha Murtaza | Published 17.06.2021. | The White House

News At 9 PM: From A New Covid Pill To Ending The Iraq War Resolution 

1. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Obamacare The US Supreme Court ruled to uphold the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare,…

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( Photo by Tharun via Adobe Stock )

By Delaney Tarr | Published 17.06.2021. | The White House

“The Promise of Equality” Comes As President Biden Signs Legislation Making Juneteenth A Federal Holiday

On June 17, 2021, President Biden signed into law the “Juneteenth National Independence Day Act,” which designates…

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Juneteenth freedom day ( Photo : Septi via AdobeStock)

By Anoosha Murtaza | Published 16.06.2021. | The White House

News at 9PM: From Biden-Putin Summit To Juneteenth, New Federal Holiday

1. Biden and Putin Issue Joint Statement  On Wednesday, President Biden had a 3-hour summit with Russian President…

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With President of the United States of America Joseph Biden before Russian-US talks. ( Photo: TASS/Courtesy of of the Russian Presidency)

By Jaala Brown | Published 16.06.2021. | The White House

Putin: Our Meeting Took Place In A Constructive Spirit

On Wednesday, after Biden and Putin’s relatively shorter than expected meeting, President Putin held his own press…

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