Emancipation Day celebration in Richmond, Virginia, ca. 1905.

By Jaala Brown | Published 19.06.2021. | Naked Opinion

Juneteenth: You Cannot Fix Racism Until You Acknowledge Racism

Two years ago today, if someone were to ask me, “What is Juneteenth?” I probably wouldn’t be able to tell…

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Jerusalem through barbed wire (Photo credit:  George via Adobe Stock)

By Anoosha Murtaza | Published 08.06.2021. | Naked Opinion

The State Of The Israel-Palestine Conflict

Who is involved? The conflict consists of the Jewish people of Israel, the majority Muslim population in Palestine, British…

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Photo credit: Jon Tyson/ Unsplash

By Jaala Brown | Published 06.06.2021. | Naked Opinion

White Privilege: What You Benefit From, That Others Do Not

In the world we live in, there are certain people who will always have a leg up on you, they will always have an advantage.…

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A young female exhausted character sitting in a chair with a low battery indicator above ( Photo credit: Adobe Stock)

By Jaala Brown | Published 01.06.2021. | Naked Opinion

All About Gen Z’s Struggle With Mental Health 

Gen Z is and will always be different from any other generation who has come before us. A major way we are different from…

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By Delaney Tarr | Published 31.05.2021. | Naked Opinion

Memorial Day 2021: We must extend our love and memory to every casualty

When I was a child I knew Memorial Day as a day of fun. The seemingly random day off from school meant barbecues, beach days,…

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Military family ( Photo credit: Adobe Stock)

By Jaala Brown | Published 30.05.2021. | Naked Opinion

Memorial Day 2021: I Will Honor Those Who Died For Me And Every American

All my life I have had an appreciation for Memorial Day. Almost everyone that I know in my family has served in the military,…

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An image from video of Roman Protasevich ( Source: Hanna Liubakova/Twitter)

By Jaala Brown | Published 25.05.2021. | Naked Opinion

Does Roman Protasevich’s Arrest Mean Freedom Of Speech Is At Risk? 

On Sunday, a Ryanair plane flying from Greece to Lithuania was forced to land in Minsk, where Belarusian journalist Raman…

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Photo credit:  Shutterstock

By Jaala Brown | Published 21.05.2021. | Naked Opinion

Gen Z's First-Time Voting Experience Truly Like No Other

On the night of November 8, 2016, I remember sitting on the edge of my bed in my room, flipping through news channels while…

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