Politics Across The Pond with Andrew Bridgen MP

By Andrew Bridgen | Published 26.03.2021. | Afterimage Review

Andrew Bridgen MP: Nicola Sturgeon and SNP are dragging Scotland down

The Problem with a one-party state is there is no one else to blame. As the SNP Government looks for its 4th term in office,…

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Photo credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

By Jenna Grace Piehl | Published 07.03.2021. | Naked Opinion

Gen Z Is Terrified Of The Future

Gen Z was born into a dying world, and we’ve known it for years. For Ruthie Boyd, 23, the first signs came when the…

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Seattle homeless crisis/ David Lee/Flickr

By Lacey Nicole Robertson | Published 07.03.2021. | Naked Opinion

A Gen Z’s Take On Homelessness In Seattle: Is Big Tech To Blame?

The Ave is a student-frequented quirky strip of local restaurants, thrift shops, and dive bars located in Seattle’s…

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Politics Across The Pond with Andrew Bridgen MP

By Andrew Bridgen | Published 27.02.2021. | Voice

Andrew Bridgen MP: Merkel and Macron are in deep political trouble for the spectacular failure to procure and roll-out Covid vaccines

The Vaccine war between the EU and the UK is ongoing. I don't know who will be the winner, but the EU citizens are certainly…

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By Andrew Bridgen | Published 14.02.2021. | Afterimage Review

MP ANDREW BRIDGEN On The Politics Of Vaccine Reluctance

There is a well-used saying that "hope sustains," and all the hope at the moment appears to be that the various…

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From left to right: Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kevin McCarthy, Liz Cheney, Steve Scalise ( Photo: The Pavlovic Today illustration)

By Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer | Published 03.02.2021. | Afterimage Review

The Inside Story: How Kevin McCarthy got to keep Liz Cheney and at the same time appease Donald Trump's wing of the party

On Tuesday night at The Capital Grille, the ultimate place in Washington DC to see and be seen, normally convivial Republican…

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