By Andrew Bridgen | Published 31.05.2020. | Afterimage Review

exclusive ANDREW BRIDGEN: A week in politics is always a long time in the UK and this week it has been interminable

In case you have not noticed, the UK media and politics have been dominated all week (and it seems longer) by the battle…

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By Andrew Bridgen | Published 24.05.2020. | Afterimage Review

exclusive EXCLUSIVE—MP Andrew Bridgen: Cummings immediate future hangs in the balance

To many in the US, Dominic Cummings will be a complete unknown, but here in the UK, he is famous or infamous depending on…

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Margaret Valenti throwing her cap in the air at her home for Gettysburg College’s virtual commencement

By Margaret Valenti | Published 19.05.2020. | Naked Opinion

Today I Graduated Into An Uncertain World

The symphony of congratulations for the 2020 graduates around the world are not just for us, they are for all those who made…

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Photo: Andrew Bridgen

By Andrew Bridgen | Published 17.05.2020. | Afterimage Review

exclusive ANDREW BRIDGEN: Legacy Media Suffers A Collective Crisis Of Public Confidence

Over the last few decades, we have seen a huge increase in the ways in which the public access their news and information…

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Congressman Steve King Follow /Flickr

By Liam Glen | Published 15.05.2020. | Naked Opinion

Exonerating Steve King Accelerates The Normalization Of White Supremacy

In early 2019, controversial Republican Congressman Steve King from Iowa’s 4th district was interviewed by the New…

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MP Andrew Bridgen

By Andrew Bridgen | Published 10.05.2020. | Afterimage Review

Andrew Bridgen: The UK-EU Trade Talks Have Stalled And It's Not Due To COVID-19

The UK’s trade agreement negotiations with the EU have stalled as a result of major disagreements.  As a result…

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Andrew Bridgen and PM Boris Johnson

By Andrew Bridgen | Published 08.05.2020. | Afterimage Review

exclusive Andrew Bridgen: It's Time For The UK To Play The Trump Card

I am delighted the UK Government has announced that official trade talks with the USA have started this week. The special…

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President Donald Trump (Photo by Andrea Hanks)

By Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer | Published 05.05.2020. | Afterimage Review

Trump Will Gain Political Benefit From Honeywell Face Mask Plant Visit

Trump is paying a visit to the Honeywell mask plant in Arizona today in what will make his first major public event outside…

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