By Andrew Bridgen | Published 10.09.2020. | Afterimage Review

MP ANDREW BRIDGEN: Nancy Pelosi Needs To Butt Out Of Her Threats Of Interference Into The EU-UK Trade Talks

Nancy Pelosi needs to butt out of threats of interference in the EU- UK trade talks.  For her information, the Good…

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Andrew Bridgen and Boris Johnson

By Andrew Bridgen | Published 02.09.2020. | Afterimage Review

exclusive Andrew BRIDGEN: The politics of the Silly Season just got serious

As children and elected members of Parliament (some readers will appreciate what I did there) prepare to return from their…

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Brarack Obama during his DNC Speech ( Photo credit: Print screen)

By Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer | Published 20.08.2020. | Afterimage Review

Obama’s Attempt At “Normalcy” May Not Work In These Elections

Set against the backdrop of the Constitution, President Barack Obama opened his remarks at the Democratic National Convention…

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White House Photograph Office, “Photographs of Monica Lewinsky at the White House During November 1995 through March 1997,” Clinton Digital Library

By Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer | Published 19.08.2020. | Afterimage Review

Bill Clinton’s Oval Office Was “Sex Center” So He Should Get Off His High Horse

Hypocrisy is the disease most prominent in politics these and any days. Incredibly enough, a flair for high preaching often…

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By Andrew Bridgen | Published 09.08.2020. | Afterimage Review

exclusive MP Andrew BRIDGEN: Here's The Truth About Illegal Migration And The Solution If We Want To Deal With It

The widespread media reporting of illegal migrants packed like sardines into dangerously overloaded dinghies making the dash…

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Photo credit: stock.adobe. com

By Candy Chan | Published 08.08.2020. | Naked Opinion

I Did College Wrong: Fears and Anxieties About Graduating During A Pandemic

When I watched the class of 2020 lament their lost time last Spring, I was not nervous. I did not think I, a member of the…

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Photo credit: Stock.adobe.com

By Jasmine Razeghi | Published 07.08.2020. | Naked Opinion

An Online Semester Leaves College Students With Tough Decisions To Make

As coronavirus cases surge in the United States, colleges and universities across the country reevaluate their plans for…

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Photo credit: Stock.adobe.com

By Ava DeSantis | Published 07.08.2020. | Naked Opinion

A Peer Echo Chamber And Home Life

Activism and political discourse did not end under stay-at-home orders or during the COVID-19 pandemic. Student at George…

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