By Fausto Hernandez | Published 24.04.2016. | Naked Opinion

Great Expectations and How to Meet them?

Our generation is  facing a daunting host of great expectations, which have the potential to make or break us. Harness them,…

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By Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer | Published 20.04.2016. | Afterimage Review

Chronicles On Freedom: My Life In A Voluntary Exile

“It is we who changed. Everything else remained the same”, the Croatian waiter at Monte’s Trattoria in…

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By Bessie Bauman | Published 17.04.2016. | Naked Opinion

We Need To End The Women Bitch Stereotype

I’ll be honest here. If Snapchat didn’t have a filter or if social media didn’t host several hashtags,…

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By | Published 17.04.2016. | Afterimage Review

EuroUtopia : Are We Close to Fail?

EuroUtopia.It has been 22 years since the last western European country joined the European Union. This is a whole lifetime…

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By Jaqueline Villalpa Arroyo | Published 17.04.2016. | Naked Opinion

A is for Amnesty: Why Has Immigration Reform Been Unsuccessful?

If there’s any word that the American people are tired of hearing, it is “immigration.” When we hear the…

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By Sayeh Yousefi | Published 17.04.2016. | Naked Opinion

Why All the Hate Against Feminism?

As we passed another International Women’s Day, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on the successes and…

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By Fausto Hernandez | Published 17.04.2016. | Naked Opinion

The Panama Papers: Legality is certainly not morality

The Fonseca Farce. A company whose slogan is A legal approach to global solutions is almost comically suspicious. Today,…

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By Scott Benowitz | Published 17.04.2016. | Afterimage Review

Felony Disenfranchisement: Should Felons Have The Right To Vote?

Felony disenfranchisement suppresses voter participation on a massive scale. Only Maine and Vermont permit felons…

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