MP Andrew Bridgen

By Andrew Bridgen | Published 10.05.2020. | Afterimage Review

Andrew Bridgen: The UK-EU Trade Talks Have Stalled And It's Not Due To COVID-19

The UK’s trade agreement negotiations with the EU have stalled as a result of major disagreements.  As a result…

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Andrew Bridgen and PM Boris Johnson

By Andrew Bridgen | Published 08.05.2020. | Afterimage Review

exclusive Andrew Bridgen: It's Time For The UK To Play The Trump Card

I am delighted the UK Government has announced that official trade talks with the USA have started this week. The special…

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President Donald Trump (Photo by Andrea Hanks)

By Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer | Published 05.05.2020. | Afterimage Review

Trump Will Gain Political Benefit From Honeywell Face Mask Plant Visit

Trump is paying a visit to the Honeywell mask plant in Arizona today in what will make his first major public event outside…

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By Scott Benowitz | Published 04.05.2020. | Afterimage Review

Did You Know That Only Two Of The Eight International Labor Organization Conventions Have Been Ratified?

Many millions of Americans work at jobs in numerous industries in which hiring practices, regulations regarding fairness…

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Brexit backer Arron Banks with President Donald Trump

By Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer | Published 30.04.2020. | Afterimage Review

Conspiracy of Silence Against Arron Banks

Sitting across the pond, in a rainy Washington D.C. on a Wednesday afternoon, I’ve obtained the court documents revealing…

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Photo credit: Daisy Daisy/ Adobestock

By Margaret Valenti | Published 09.04.2020. | Naked Opinion

Why Race Is A Factor During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Race plays a significant role in this crisis, as the pandemic disproportionately affects people of color, disproportionately…

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Photo by Hyejin Kang/ Adobe stock

By Margaret Valenti | Published 07.04.2020. | Naked Opinion

Essential Workers At High Risk During COVID-19 Pandemic

Minimum wage and essential workers have no choice but to be on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle. Right now, most of…

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By Liam Glen | Published 06.04.2020. | Naked Opinion

Electoral College Math May Distort Which States Get Coronavirus Aid

The federal response to COVID-19 has, to say the least, left room for improvement. To be fair, no country’s strategy…

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